Coronation Street spoilers: David Platt reveals he was raped after Aidan Connor dies in suicide story

David tells Shona that he was raped in EastEnders

(Picture: ITV)

David Platt is set to finally reveal to Shona Ramsey that he was raped by Josh Tucker in Coronation Street – and after confronting Josh, she vows to help the man she loves get justice. As David prepares to head to court to face the consequences for his attack on Gary Windass, he is told by Maria about Aidan Connor’s suicide.

David is stunned by the news of Aidan’s death and it makes him comprehend his own suicidal thoughts recently. Knowing that he wants to live and determined not to let his demons consume him, David flees the car as… Read the full story

EastEnders spoilers: Phil Mitchell brings down Max Branning after a shock discovery?

Phil has some orders for Robbie in EastEnders

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Phil Mitchell wasn’t in a hurry to celebrate when Max Branning returned to EastEnders as the new owner of the car lot and their battle continues next week as Phil determines to find evidence against his enemy. 

While Max is focusing on his marriage facade with Rainie, the cracks start to show and she demands cash from him only for him to respond that she needs to get selling at the car lot. When Rainie overhears Robbie Jackson moaning about his job, she offers him a commission only trial and to the surprise of everyone, he is a hit on the courtyard.

When… Read the full story

Hollyoaks spoilers: Imran Maalik injures his mum Misbah in a violent attack

Imran shouts at Misbah in Hollyoaks

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Imran Maalik’s dangerous and volatile temper is set to explode once more in a showdown with his helpless mum Misbah which leaves her with a serious injury. Will Imran’s actions give him the wake up call he needs to confront his violent behaviour? 

Imran has lashed out a number of times at Misbah since the crash in which he almost died but Misbah has protected her son by keeping quiet about his outbursts. Next week, she is left annoyed when Sally St Claire tells her that Imran has been skipping school.

Misbah later confronts Imran and grabs his bag, which spills and reveals several… Read the full story

Peter Kay and Sian Gibson reveal secret to their on-screen chemistry ahead of Car Share finale

Car Share couple Peter Kay and Sian Gibson have teased fans on what to expect with the show’s upcoming finale.

Sian and Peter will be returning one last time as Kayleigh and John to share their ride to work one more time.

The BBC favourite, which has run for two series, will begin to round up next week with the first of two specials being aired – which is completely improvised.

Terrifying TV: The 10 best horror shows on Netflix

Fright nights (Picture: Netflix; Channel 4; NBC; Fox TV)

This month sees one of TV’s most underrated horror shows, the Canadian anthology Slasher, return for a second season (Pick TV, May 1), with the action this time around based on the murderous secret of a group of summer camp counsellors.

And if you like to be scared senseless during your binge-watching, then there are plenty more long-running fright-fests available on Netflix.

Featuring everything from demon hunters and flesh-eating realtors to cannibal killers and 17th century witches, here’s a look at ten shows that should be in any self-respecting horror fan’s queue.

American Horror Story

Where better to… Read the full story

EastEnders spoilers: Stacey and Sonia Fowler both kiss Martin but who does he reunite with?

Martin and Stacey row in EastEnders

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Exes are like buses aren’t they? You wait ages for one to want you back and then two plant the lips on you in the same week. That’s the case for Martin Fowler in EastEnders anyway as Stacey wants him back while Sonia sees him in the old light that she once did and wants to get their family back together. 

In a complex week for the veg selling lothario, he gets attention from Stacey after she has a makeover. Martin defends her against someone in E20 who comes on too strong but as he punches him, his back gives way. Stacey helps him… Read the full story

Hollyoaks spoilers: Dee Dee gets a devastating diagnosis

Diane worries about Dee Dee in Hollyoaks

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Diane and Tony Hutchinson face their worst nightmare in Hollyoaks when Dee Dee is given the diagnosis of encephalitis, a rare but very serious brain condition that needs urgent treatment as it can kill. And when doctors reveal that the youngster isn’t responding to treatment, Diane fears that her daughter is going to die. 

Diane had been assuming that Dee Dee’s recent out of character behaviour was a rebellious phase but when Dee Dee suffered seizures and was found unconscious, it was obvious that something much darker was afoot and she was rushed to hospital.