EastEnders spoilers: Stacey Fowler discovers who mysterious Hayley is

Stacey discovers who mysterious Hayley is in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Stacey Fowler has had her eyes opened in EastEnders as newcomer Hayley has made her aware of who she is – has Stacey come face to face with a relative as rumours continue to mount that Hayley is a Slater? Or has Hayley revealed something else to her? 

Fans know that Hayley is out to get Martin and when she flirted with him and gave him her number, viewers knew that she had ulterior motives. Next week, she joins Martin when he takes the kids out and when he is late home, Stacey hits the roof – but has Hayley deliberately led Martin astray to make him look like he isn’t co-operating with Stacey?

Stacey reacts to Hayley in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Tonight, Stacey was taken aback when Hayley kissed Martin’s cheek and after Martin was out of earshot, Hayley whispered something in Stacey’s ear after she demanded to know who she was.

Whatever Hayley told her certainly shut Stacey up and gave her food for thought – so could they be allies and team up to bring Martin down?

And will Hayley’s secret be what triggers the return of Stacey’s relatives Mo, Jean and Kat?

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EastEnders spoilers: Louise Mitchell and Hunter Owen get together thanks to Tiffany Butcher?

Louise and Hunter get together as Tiffany matchmakes in EastEnders?
(Picture: BBC)

Louise Mitchell and Hunter Owen could be about to embark on their already predicted romance in EastEnders as Tiffany Butcher works on uniting them. But will her efforts at getting them together pay off?

Hunter and Louise have history as Louise and her mum Lisa used to live with him and Mel in Portugal. Hunter has been enjoying catching up with Louise and as he and Mel settle back into Walford, they spend more time together and Tiffany notices sparks.

Earlier in the week, Karen Taylor encourages Louise, Bex and Tiffany to include Bernadette in their friendship group so she isn’t relying on being mates with Ted Murray. However, Tiffany helps her to sneak off and have another game of chess.

Tiffany makes friends with Louise in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Elsewhere, Hunter is busy helping Mel with the re-opening of the club but feels irked by Jack Branning hanging around, which leads to him sabotaging the sign.

Later in the week though, things are looking up as Tiffany puts her plan into action and plays matchmaker in her own unique way. Can she get Hunter and Louise to become an item?

And what is Tiffany’s ulterior motive?

One to watch: Friday 2nd March at 8pm on BBC One.

10 EastEnders spoilers: Aidan’s killer revenge, Louise new romance, Martin in danger

Killer revenge, Louise romance, Martin danger and 7 more EastEnders spoilers
(Picture: BBC)

There are new relationships potentially blossoming in EastEnders as Mel Owen grows closer to Jack Branning when she is grateful for his help while Mel’s son Hunter may have found romance with Louise Mitchell thanks to some matchmaking courtesy of Tiffany Butcher. 

But it’s not all love and harmony in Walford – Aidan Maguire continues to remain on a mission of revenge and when the Carters stand up to him, they may end up regretting it when the repercussions become clear. Meanwhile, mysterious Hayley has Martin Fowler just where she wants him as she plots to bring him down.

Here are the latest EastEnders developments:

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Aidan delivers a huge threat to Mick as he confronts him over the drugs dealing at the Vic.
  • Mel allows Jack to help her at the club but they realise that they aren’t alone when the burglar alarm is triggered.
  • Bernadette sneaks off from her friends to spend some more time with Ted.
  • Hayley causes Martin to be late back with the kids, prompting Stacey to take action.
  • Linda arrives back and confronts Aidan when she realises what is going on but Mick worries about the consequence.
  • Mel offers Billy a job as doorman after setting him a challenge.
  • Aidan gives Keanu a risky job to undertake.
  • Mariam puts pressure on Masood to find a wife.
  • Kim and Denise brace themselves for the results of the DNA test.
  • Tiffany plays matchmaker between Louise and Hunter but what is in it for her?

Monday 26th February

Mick confronts Aidan in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

The Carters are at a loss over how to stop Aidan and when Mick stands up to the dealer, he is forced to come face to face with Aidan. As Mick makes his feelings clear, Aidan hits back with a threat that he can’t ignore.

Mel arrives at the club to find the alarm playing up again and when Jack arrives to help out, she reluctantly accepts. But before long, they realise that they aren’t alone in there. Elsewhere, Stacey is fuming to come across a letter from Martin’s solicitor but he insists that it was sent by mistake.

Karen enlists the help of Louise, Bex and Tiffany to hang out with Bernadette but with Tiffany’s help, Bernadette manages to sneak away to play more chess with Ted.

Tuesday 27th February

Martin hangs out with Hayley in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Martin takes Arthur and Hope for the day and promises Stacey that he will have them back on time. When he meets up with Hayley though, he is swayed by her influence and ignores messages and calls from Stacey – leading to big consequences.

Linda arrives home and gets to the truth about what is happening with Aidan but her actions land the family in a worrying situation. Mel sets Billy a challenge when he pleads for a job and before long, he is given an offer.

Keanu helps Jay out at the parlour when the power goes out.

Thursday 1st March

The club reopens but Hunter has a surprise for Mel in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

It’s the day of the club opening and Hunter is keen to help Mel ensure that it goes smoothly. Jack also helps out and reaches out to Hunter as it is the anniversary of Steve’s death. Mel is grateful but Hunter soon responds by sabotaging the new sign.

Aidan gives Keanu a mysterious package to hide in a coffin at the parlour and also offers Mick some hush money. But Linda takes matters into her own hands, leading Mick to make a decision that could have huge consequences.

Mariam continues to put pressure on Masood to find a wife.

Friday 2nd March

Jay asks Keanu what is going on in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Jay catches Keanu trying to move the box he is hiding from Aidan while Tiffany tries to matchmake Louise and Hunter and the Carters face huge repercussions from Aidan for their actions.

Kim finds a letter with DNA results and prepares for both outcomes as Denise comes round – but a misunderstanding leaves Denise upset. After things calm down, Denise decides that it’s better not to know the results but will Kim agree?

25 soap spoilers: Coronation Street Phelan revenge, Emmerdale exit, EastEnders stalker, Hollyoaks heart attack

Corrie Phelan revenge, Emmerdale exit, EastEnders stalker and 22 more spoilers
(Picture: BBC/ITV/Lime Pictures)

Reunions, revenge, returns and revelations – just your average week in soap coming up! Coronation Street airs a big discovery for evil Pat Phelan that could tip the killer over the edge while in EastEnders, Martin and Stacey Fowler’s feud has huge repercussions while Vincent Hubbard makes a big decision. 

Emmerdale is finally bringing Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden back together while in Hollyoaks, Darcy Wilde gets pound signs in her eyes when Jack Osborne suffers from a heart attack. As you do.

That’s not all, either. There’s also a risky operation, a drugs deal, a harsh warning, a surprise arrival, some blackmail, a thirst for revenge, a final farewell, a dumping, a romance, a drunken pass and a proposal.

Take a closer look:

Coronation Street

Carla has some news in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

1. Aidan and Carla are nervous as they head in for their operation and as they come out, Carla has two big announcements to make – one of them being that she plans to sign over her share of Underworld to Aidan to say thank you.

2. Billy is determined to be a good father to Summer and decides that she needs him to be happy. Making a very poor decision, he reaches out to Lee for drugs but soon, Lee wants a favour in a return.

3. Michelle is fuming with Liz for not telling her about Ali but Liz tries to smooth things over and urges Ali to give Michelle a chance. Michelle sees Ali and Steve bonding and tries to join in but she is gutted when she is given the cold shoulder.

Sarah sees Lee in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

4. Sarah is horrified when she comes face to face with Lee on the Street and she quickly alerts David. David and Josh bundle Lee into the back of a van but Josh takes a step further when he issues a dark threat to Lee while brandishing a tyre iron.

5. Phelan makes a copy of Nicola’s keys and heads round to her flat, where he finds Seb hiding. Later, as Nicola is rushed to hospital with stomach pains, Phelan confronts Gary and prepares to have it out with his daughter over her betrayal.

Rana feels awkward with Kate in Coronation Street
(Picture: ITV)

6. Zeedan and Rana are struggling to keep up the pretence of their fake marriage in front of Alya and Rana’s struggle is made even worse when Kate and Sophie come into the flat together. Will Kate spot that something is amiss?

7. After Liz suggests to Phelan that Eileen might like to join her for a weekend away, he snaps at her and she wastes no time in slagging him off to Eileen. When Eileen is defensive, Liz warns her to be wary of her husband…


Martin and Stacey try to sort things out in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

8. Martin is trying to make an effort with Stacey and the kids but when a day out ends badly, he tells Sonia that he is going to start divorce proceedings. Later, Stacey apologises and Martin has a change of heart but is it too late?

9. As Aidan ups the pressure on Vincent, he realises that he is not going to have the money on time and writes a goodbye letter to Kim and Pearl. But just as he is about to make his exit, he gets a call that could change everything.

Tina and Shirley try to help in EastEnders
(Picture: ITV)

10. Tina meets a pregnant woman in the cafe who she helps but things soon sour when Georgi realises that Tina is the mum of her mate Zsa Zsa. As Tina tries to prove herself to Georgi, she only makes things worse and an unexpected situation unfolds…

11. Martin and Kush take the kids out for the day and, after being chatted up by secretive Hayley, Martin is surprised to bump into her again. Kush decides to leave the pair to it but Stacey later spots Hayley planting a kiss on Martin’s cheek.

Shirley catches a drug dealer in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

12. Shirley spots a drug deal going down in the male toilets and when Mick returns, he is adamant that he is going to get this sorted. But as he carries out his investigation, he makes a discovery that could make things difficult.

13. When Karen discovers that Bernadette has been spending so much time with Ted, she is dubious of their relationship but they prove what they have been doing with a chess match. However, Karen is certain that her daughter needs to hang out with people her own age.


Tracy meets with Phil in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

14. Tracy is horrified when Phil blackmails her over her prostitution secret and when he tells her he knows a way she can keep him quiet, she goes to see him at a hotel room. But David follows and soon walks in on them…

15. Robert is crushed when Aaron moves Alex into the Mill on the day of their wedding anniversary and decides that it’s finally time for them to move on. As he heads to a gay club to block out the pain, he soon finds interest from an attractive stranger.

Sandy says goodbye to Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

16. Laurel sets up a video call with Sandy and friends and loved ones gather in the Woolpack as the beloved pensioner says his final farewells from Australia.

17. At the club, Vanessa is having a great night with her friends and soon sends Charity a selfie which leaves her feeling jealous. But will it get the response that Vanessa is hoping for?

Aaron and Robert go clubbing in Emmerdale
(Picture: ITV)

18. Having spotted Robert exchanging numbers with someone else, Aaron decides that he knows how he feels and calls an end to his relationship with Alex. He then heads over to reveal his true feelings for Robert.

19. Ross is focused on his revenge after telling Pete that he wishes Emma had shot him instead of Finn. After discharging himself from hospital, a fracas at the garage draws attention and Ross feels anxious as he feels that everyone is staring at him.

20. Rebecca continues to struggle with her memory and her recovery and Lachlan is feeling guilty about what his actions have done to her.


Glenn proposes in Hollyoaks
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

21. Glenn plans to propose to Grace but when he sees that Esther is helping her spy on him, he engineers it so that it looks like Esther has sabotaged the romantic moment. In response, Grace urges Glenn to ask her again.

22. Jesse is horrified to discover the extent of Granny’s plan and determines to fight for Courtney. Later, the pair decide to get together and give romance a chance but when Goldie sends him a prison visit invitation, will he be left torn?

Leah and Ella go to the school where Kim is trapped in Hollyoaks
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

23. Leah and Ella sneak into the abandoned school and start hearing voices, but will they come across Kim? Later, Kim hears Farrah’s voice on the other side of the door and screams for help while Leah finds a SIM card and makes a discovery.

Darren wants to avoid Mandy in Hollyoaks
(Picture: Lime Pictures)

24. It’s the day of the restaurant opening and Darren and Mandy try to concentrate on the tasks at hand rather than each other. But when a drunk Leela makes a pass at Darren, Mandy struggles to hide her jealousy.

25. Darcy is grateful to Jack when he helps her get contact with Toby but when Jack suffers a heart attack and is warned that he won’t be able to have a bypass, Darcy makes plans to marry him and even books a venue.

What’s next?

  • Who hears news of a devastating death that will send shockwaves through a community? And what other shock is coming their way?
  • Which family is ripped apart as blame flies following a terrible incident – and is someone lying about their part in it?
  • Who tries to matchmake two people they think would be well suited but ends up triggering heartbreak for themselves?
  • Who is arrested after accidentally committing a crime and will they be forced to confront an uncomfortable truth in the process?
  • Which young couple prepare to tie the knot and who is out to destroy the big day?

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10 EastEnders spoilers: Vincent exit decision, Tina’s big shock, Stacey divorce drama

Vincent exit decision, Stacey divorce drama and 8 more EastEnders spoilers
(Picture: BBC)

Big decisions are being made in EastEnders as several characters make life changing moves that could have big consequences. As tensions continue to rise, Martin Fowler decides that it’s time he and Stacey get a divorce but will he regret it? Meanwhile, after more pressure from Aidan Maguire, Vincent Hubbard decides to abandon his family and flee Walford but can anyone stop him taking such rash action? 

There is also turmoil for Tina Carter as she is hurt to find that her daughter Zsa Zsa has reached out to Shirley instead of her – and when she has the opportunity to put things right, it all backfires. And she isn’t the only Carter facing issues either – as Mick has a fresh battle to fight.

Here are the latest EastEnders spoilers:

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • After a day out falls flat, Martin tells Sonia that he is going to divorce Stacey.
  • Vincent feels the pressure when the sale of The Albert falls through.
  • Tina reaches out to a pregnant customer who falls ill but she later gets an unpleasant wake up call.
  • Bernadette panics when she thinks Bronson has eaten one of Ted’s chess pieces.
  • Martin feels hope when he and Stacey make a breakthrough.
  • Tina tries to prove herself to Georgi but her plan backfires.
  • Vincent plans to exit Walford and leaves a note for Kim as he flees.
  • Martin enjoys the company of a female admirer and Stacey is left irritated.
  • Mick realises that drugs are being dealt in the Vic toilets and determines to take action.
  • Keegan takes Bernadette out to prove what being a teenager is about.

Monday 19th February

Martin and Stacey try to sort things out in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Martin suggests to Stacey that they spend the day with the kids but he is put out when Kush tags along. After the day turns to disaster, Martin has a go at a children’s entertainer and then tells Sonia he wants to start divorce proceedings.

Kim and Vincent want to give Pearl the best birthday but Vincent is distracted when he learns that the sale of The Albert has fallen through. When he can’t find Kim’s ring to sell, he accuses Karen of stealing it.

Tina is given harsh words from Kathy when she wakes up after a drunken night with Magic Marv and finds that they got tattoos together. When Tina comes to the aid of a pregnant customer in need, she then gets a surprise when it turns out she knows Zsa Zsa.

Bernadette borrows Ted’s chess board but panics when she thinks Bronson has eaten one of the pieces.

Tuesday 20th February

Tina ruins things with Georgi in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Tina is upset to realise that Zsa Zsa reached out to Shirley and not her for help with Georgi and determines to prove herself by making contact with Georgi’s mum. However, when she lets on where Georgi is staying, her plan backfires.

Martin has emailed a solicitor but when Stacey apologises and tries to build bridges, he has a change of heart but is caught trying to delete the email from Stacey’s inbox. Kim confronts Vincent over a missed mortgage payment and he lies to her before seeking advice from a worried Donna.

Bernadette worries about the missing chess piece.

Thursday 22nd February

Vincent flees EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Vincent makes plans to flee the Square after leaving a goodbye note for Kim but just as he is about to leave, he gets a call from the estate agent saying that a buyer has come through and can get the money to him in time.

Shirley tries to calm a worried Georgi down before she then rails at Tina for her mistake. Meanwhile, Shirley also notices suspicious activities in the loos and realises that they are being used to deal drugs.

Ted accuses the Taylors when his chess set is missing and when Bernadette admits the truth, the Taylors make some shocking accusations against Ted. Martin is surprised when a lady on the market pays an interest in him.

Friday 23rd February

Shirley catches a drug dealer in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Mick arrives back from Manchester and immediately clocks on to what is going on in the toilers. As he investigates, he determines to put a stop to it but will he find himself out of his depth as he takes the dealers on? Meanwhile, Tina and Shirley get an unexpected shock.

Sonia questions Stacey’s childcare plan but Martin goes along with it only to find out Kush is going with them. As they make the best of it, Martin bumps into the lady he met on the market and as they get to know one another, Stacey sees her place a kiss on Martin’s cheek.

Karen tries to get Keegan to show Bernadette what being a teenager is all about when she learns her daughter wants to set up a chess club at school.

Jacqueline Jossa reveals honest truth about being a mum

The former EastEnders star admits she doesn’t have time for this…

Soon to be mum-of-three Jacqueline Jossa isn’t afraid to say what she feels, especially when it comes to being a parent who wants to set a good example to her fans.

The 25-year-old, who has daughter Ella, aged two, another child on the way and is step-mum to husband and former TOWIE star Dan Osbourne‘s son Teddy, four, recently left EastEnders, but her busy lifestyle hasn’t slowed down as she still has the duties of being a mother to deal with – including clearing the toy room – which leaves her with less time to make herself ‘pretty’.

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In a frank discussion on her Instastory, Jacqueline said: ‘My mission today is to sort the toy room out a little bit. If you saw the toy room you’d know what I mean.’


She showed fans the state of the messy toy room – and whether your a mum or not it looks a challenge in itself! In order to tackle the mess, she planned to assemble her own storage boxes.

She continued, ‘I’m going to attempt to put it together on my own, can you hear I’m still coughing it’s been a week, I’m really annoying.’

In addition to feeling under the weather, she stressed, ‘Do you know what I don’t get, on famous people’s Instagrams they look so pretty all the time. I know you’ve got the money and all that but look at me, I ain’t got time for that. I ain’t got time to be pretty all the time.’


Before teasing the every day struggles of living with a child – when she reveals, ‘My child just blamed me for farting, I did not fart, I walked into the room, I was sitting talking to her and she went, ‘mummy you’ve farted’.

But despite the distraction, Jacqueline points out what sets her apart from other celebrities. She explained, ‘By the way my latest post wasn’t me being like, ‘I’m really ugly, please help, someone tell me I’m pretty’. It was just one of those things where I took a really cute photo and looked at my face, a bit like now and I thought, ‘oh that’s me’ but then thought, ‘oh I can’t post that. She continued, ‘But then I thought, ‘hold on, oh no I’m not being that guy I have a cute picture to post whether I look amazing, have make up done and have my lashes on and I’m feeling good or whether I look like this and feel ill or whatever, here’s a cute picture and I want to be able to post it and make other people feel confident in what they’re doing too, we’re all normal!’

We thing she looks gorgeous either way…

EastEnders spoilers: Zsa Zsa Carter returns as Tina gets a blast from the past?

Zsa Zsa returns to EastEnders as Tina gets a blast from the past?

Tina Carter is set to get a major wake up call over her relationship with her daughter Zsa Zsa in EastEnders when a friend of hers turns up looking for help and Tina is forced to confront her abilities as a mother.

After recent events involving Billy Mitchell, Tina has hit self destruct and wakes up after a heavy night to discover with dismay that she got a tattoo with a local children’s entertainer Magic Marv. As you do.

Kathy Beale reaches out to her employee to offer some advice over her behaviour and Tina leaps into action to help a pregnant customer who is unwell.

Tina feels put out in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

When Tina later spots Shirley giving the woman, Georgi, money in the Vic, she is confused and when Georgi realises that Tina is the mother of Zsa Zsa, she turns cold on her and shares some harsh words.

Tina is upset to learn that Zsa Zsa reached out to Shirley to help her friend in need Georgi and determines to try and put things right by opening up to the newcomer.

Tina and Shirley try to help in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

Tina learns that Georgi has fallen out with her mum so plans to intervene, stealing her phone and getting in touch with the mother and giving away that Georgi is staying at the Vic. But this backfires as Georgi panics over what Tina has done.

Shirley tries to calm her down and stop her from leaving and then Shirley puts Tina in her place over her ill advised interference which leaves Tina upset.

Tina ruins things with Georgi in EastEnders
(Picture: BBC)

But there is more drama to come as an unexpected turn of events throws Shirley and Tina into chaos. Can Tina handle the situation or will she give up? And as Tina struggles with Georgi, will this trigger a long awaited return for Zsa Zsa?

One to watch: Monday 19th February at 8pm on BBC One.