Glastonbury 2019 headliners teased as Michael Eavis reveals ‘two or three acts that have never played’

Glastonbury 2019 headliners 'two or three acts that have never played'
Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis has teased 2019 headliners (Picture: Getty Images)

Music fans have more than a year to wait before Glastonbury returns in 2019, but headliner rumours have already begun gaining pace.

They’re being fueled by the man himself, Michael Eavis, who has admitted he’s impatient for another Glastonbury and has spoken about his regret for 2018’s fallow year.

Keen to reignite the hype train, Eavis told Radio 1 at the VO5 NME Awards there’ll be ‘two or three [acts] that have never played’ gracing the line-ups when the festival returns.

Eavis hints who could be headlining Glastonbury
Michael Eavis already regrets the fallow year (Picture: REX/Shutterstock)

The names on everyone’s minds are Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin, as neither legend has played the festival before.

Despite Eavis’s keenness to chat all things Glastonbury 2019, Emily Eavis recently explained the practical benefits of a fallow year to NME.

‘Well the years off are normally quite busy actually,’ she gave away. ‘We spend a lot of time looking at everything and doing bigger, long-term projects. Looking at tickets and passes and things like that’.

Glastonbury 2019 headliners 'two or three acts that have never played'
Emily Eavis and Michael Eavis can’t stop chatting about the future (Picture: Getty Images)

‘I think the farm needs and it and the village needs it and we’ll come back with some new ideas as well,’ Michael’s daughter rationed.

Michael Eavis’s new festival, The Variety Bazaar, which will launch in 2021, has been hailed by the founder as his ‘last big gamble’.

He spoke to Glastonbury Free Press about how the event will take place at another location, not Worthy Farm, and won’t interfere with Glastonbury.

And ever the teasers, Emily told efestivals they’ve already booked two of the headliners for 2020, the festival’s 50th anniversary.

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K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher reveal plans to name their fandom and how they find their confidence

Dreamcatcher may do pop music, but it’s a hell of a lot louder than anyone else’s in K-Pop.

There are little ruses – like intros of tinkling piano keys and whooshing synths – but these fast give way to walls of rock guitars and hard, driving percussion, which made their 2017 debut single, Chase Me and its follow ups, Good Night, and Fly High, stand out from the pack

Within that trilogy, JiU, Siyeon, Handong, SuA, Yoohyeon, Dami and Gahyeon let the story of their dream concept play out through the videos – each girl represents a different nightmare, such as being trapped – while they’re pursued by a nightmare hunter, played by actor Jo Donghyuk.

While fans of J-rock, anime and mainstream groups such as Paramore or Babymetal will be familiar with the layering of pop vocals over tempestuous instrumentals, for K-Pop, and particularly a female group, this is a stepping stone beyond the norm.

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher reveal plans to name fandom and how they find confidence
(Picture: hf_dreamcatcher/Instagram)

With last summer’s EP Prequel taking a top 5 position on South Korea’s Gaon chart, and Billboard’s US World and K-Pop charts, it’s clear Dreamcatcher’s sonic ‘iron fist in a velvet glove’ style has found a fervent following. The members have brought their Fly High show to Europe for a seven-city tour and although they won’t divulge any clues as to their upcoming new material, Dreamcatcher talk girl power, touring, and British accents in their interview with

Your nightmare/horror concept is refreshing for a girl group, but which members did it suit the best, and why?

SuA: Every member, really…

JiU: That’s right. Because every Dreamcatcher member suits the concept so well and keeps getting better at it, I honestly even thought that we were born to be in Dreamcatcher.

Dami: Also, even with the same concept, everyone has a different way to express it.

Gahyeon: It’s hard to pinpoint which one suits the best

Siyeon: I guess it just depends on individuality. The concept suits every one of us. Maybe one of these seven nightmares is your type of a nightmare!

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher reveal plans to name fandom and how they find confidence
(Picture: hf_dreamcatcher/Instagram)

You’re known for your rock sound, but your albums also contain ballads (Emotion, 괜찮아!) and a dance track (Sleep-walking). What style would you like to try next?

Dami: I want to try electronic and legit hip hop.

SuA: R&B and hip hop would be great.

Yoohyeon: I especially want to do retro.

JiU: I love jazz so much. I’m excited to see how it will be if Dreamcatcher tries jazz.

Gahyeon: For me, EDM!

Dreamcatcher are powerful on and off stage – does this come naturally to all the members?

Dami: I was actually a very shy person when I was young. When I was in school, I never raised my hand to speak up in class.

Yoohyeon:Same with me.

Dami: But I started changing once I started becoming a singer. I used to be very shy around people I never met before, but now I strike up a conversation with them first, which is quite interesting.

Siyeon: For me, I am not a shy person in general but I get kind of sensitive when it comes to my personal relationships. I get shy around new people…

JiU: My personality also changed a lot since being in this industry. For me, when I was in middle school or even high school, I could not even say “I want to become a singer!” when people asked me what I wanted to become. I’m not sure why, but I just felt self- conscious. My face would also get super red whenever people ask me to dance in front of people. I would be like, “What should I do?!?!”

The group had their one-year anniversary recently – did you throw a party, and who is the party animal?

All: Party animal! Hahaha!

JiU: Actually we released a fan song (Full Moon) and had a fan meeting.

Gahyeon: I had so much fun that day. I was so happy and and cried because it was so touching.

Siyeon: We celebrated it along with a new year’s party at the company. We really enjoyed it with good food and JiU did the toast for Dreamcatcher!

JiU: Yoohyeon should be a party animal.

Yoohyeon: No way.

Siyeon: Honestly, we’ve never had a proper party before.

Yoohyeon: Right. Never had one.

Dami: It’s a party every time we’re together.

Siyeon: When we’re together, we have more fun than anyone in the world.

Gahyeon: Even in a car ride?

Who is your roommate in hotels, and what’s their most noticeable habit that you either love or hate?

Gahyeon: Actually our roommates change per tour.

Siyeon: Handong.

Jiyoo: Are you glad you’re rooming with her?

Siyeon: It feels like she is using the room independently.

Gahyeon: That means you are easy to room with.

Siyeon: I actually think it is a good thing. I roomed with Dami and Dong before. Both of them use the room quite independently. In the morning when I wake up, I am….alone….

SuA: Siyeon tends to be very quiet when rooming together.

Handong: Unless I talk to her first, she is usually very quiet.

Siyeon: I am usually just… (looking up at her phone)

SuA: What about a bad thing?

Siyeon: There was none. I will look for one this time.

Handong: I won’t give you a chance!

SuA: I’m rooming with JiU. A good thing is that we talk a lot and feel very comfortable around each other. As for a bad habit… hmm… Oh! There is one I remember!!! She takes (a) long (time) when washing.

Gahyeon: Yoohyeon and Dami…

Yoohyeon: It’s been a while (since we roomed).

Gahyeon: She will crush you if you accidently cross her side of the bed.

Dami: I know that’s going to happen. I’m thinking of ways to distract her.

JiU: Yoohyeon usually can’t be the room. When she and SuA roomed in Brazil, she would ask SuA to come to the swimming pool constantly or go out

When can we expect you to name your fandom? Have there been any new ideas that the members really like?

JiU: We know a lot of fans are waiting. But since the fandom name cannot be changed once it’s set, we’re trying to be as careful and thoughtful as possible to make the name connect well so that we can call our fans with love. We hope you guys can hold tight just a bit longer! As for the name idea that we liked….

Siyeon: “Suncatcher”.

Gahyeon: Oh, “Suncatcher” is really great.

Siyeon: Is it?

Yoohyeon: But it’s quite difficult to say.

SuA: Time out! “Suncatcher” was actually my idea.

Siyeon: “Chers”

Gahyeon: “Chers”. That sounds weird

SuA: Hopefully it will be decided this year.

Gahyeon: We will try hard.

When one of the members is having a tough time, how do you support her? And is there a ‘mom’ of the group?

SuA: When we have a tough time, we try to talk it out a lot. We listen to each other well.

Gahyeon: Honestly, we don’t really say “oh, I’m in a terrible mood” first. We’re very good at noticing each other’s mood.

SuA: For us, our family structure is very distinctive.

Yoohyeon: Dad (pointing at JiU), mother (pointing at SuA).

Do you just hang out in the dorm and relax?

Siyeon: We don’t really hang out in the dorm together.

Gahyeon: Because what everyone likes doing is so different.

Siyeon: So we just do things on our own but keep in touch constantly. Even when we’re in the same house, we talk through messenger.

Gahyeon: If we want to do the same thing, we come to the living room and do it together.

Internationally, male, rather than female, K-Pop groups have been riding high for some time. What do you think when you hear that?

SuA: That’s the first time we’ve been asked that question.

Dami: People might think that but there are a lot of popular girl groups so I don’t think that only male groups do well.

Yoohyeon: And we’re gonna make history.

Do you want to change that trend and help bring more female groups onto the world stage?

All: Of course!

JiU: It was our goal to go on a world tour before our debut. We had no idea that we would be able to go on a Europe tour so soon in our career. We’d love to give a performance that will make people rave!

[This interview has been condensed for written purposes]

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Big Narstie calls Loyle Carner ‘Loyle Corner’ at NME Awards ceremony

Big Narstie fluffs up at NME Awards with 'Loyle Corner' gaffe
Loyle Carner triumphed over some established names to win his Best British Solo Artist award. Shame Narstie got his name wrong though (Picture: Burak Cingi/Redferns)

Loyle Carner was the first winner at the 2018 NME Awards as he scooped Best British Solo Artist – but sadly Big Narstie didn’t get his name right.

Taking to the stage to present the evening’s first award at the annual bash, grime emcee and local Brixton boy revealed the nominations.

And as he opened the envelope, he gave the big reveal: ‘The award goes to Loyle Corner.’

That’s CARNER bro… not Corner.

Big Narstie fluffs up at NME Awards with 'Loyle Corner' gaffe
Big Narstie attends the VO5 NME Awards in notable style (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Looking genuinely surprised by the award – which saw him beat off the likes of Ed Sheeran and Stormzy – Loyle couldn’t contain his disbelief at his accolade.

‘What the f**k! I didn’t see coming it all. This is for my mum and brother and my missus’, he said as he shyly collected the award.

But in true Loyle style, he used his big moment to raise awareness of dyslexia and ADHD – two personal subjects that the London rapper often refers to within his music.

Big Narstie fluffs up at NME Awards with 'Loyle Corner' gaffe
Loyle was shocked to win his award (Picture: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

‘If you’ve got ADHD and Dyslexia, keep answering back and keep answering questions. ADHD is a superpower,’ he rounded off before quickly exiting the stage.

It’s been a huge year for Loyle, which saw him release his debut album in January 2017, as well as earning a nomination for the Mercury Music Prize – all before he kicked a sexist fan out of his show for insulting his support act in October last year.

Congratulations from, Loyle!

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MORE: NME Awards 2018 winners revealed as J-Hus scoops best album for Common Sense

NME Awards 2018 winners revealed as J-Hus scoops best album for Common Sense

Full list of NME Awards 2018 winners revealed as J-Hus scoops best album award
J-Hus’ blend of genres earned him the Best Album accolade at this year’s award (Picture: Getty Images)

UK hip hop sensation J-Hus has triumphed at the NME Awards 2018 by scooping Best Album in this year’s honours. 

The rapper, whose album Common Sense was also nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2017, scooped up the coveted award as various others from the burgeoning worlds of UK hip hop and grime were also honoured.

Grime pioneer Wiley picked up a gong for Best Book, for his Eskiboy memoirs, while Loyle Carner was honoured as Best British Solo Artist after a storming year in 2017.

Mercury Music Prize nominee Loyle Carner to use his ADHD to be an example to others
Loyle Carner told fans to ‘keep asking questions’ when he picked up Best British Solo Artist (Picture: Burak Cingi/Redferns)

In terms of bands, Alt-J picked up award for Best British Band, with bad boy rockers Kasabian picking up Best Live Artist, while Craig David and Bastille won Best Collaboration for their storming hit I Know You.

Once again, Glastonbury organisers Michael and Emily Eavis scooped the award for Best Festival (of course).

Michael Eavis and Elily Eavis collect Glastonbury's award for Best Festival during the VO5 NME Awards 2017 held at the O2 Brixton Academy, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Wednesday February 15, 2017. See PA Story SHOWBIZ NME. Photo credit should read: Matt Crossick/PA Wire
Michael Eavis and Emily Eavis collect Glastonbury’s award for Best Festival (Picture: Matt Crossick/PA Wire)

Upon receiving the award, Emily said ‘We’re having a break this year, but we hope to see you again in the next couple of years,’ as they picked up their award.

And let us not forget – Liam Gallagher picked up the award for Godlike Genius.

However, on the red carpet before the awards, Liam was asked what he thought of the current state of play of rock music.

‘It’s full of divs, looking at numbers and being concerned with free clothes. I don’t give a shit whether they give it to me [Godlike Genius award] or not.

‘I’ve not turned into a dick head – I’ve always been one,’ he shrugged.

NME Awards 2018 – Full List Of Winners

Best British Band  – Alt-J

Best British Solo Artist – Loyle Carner

Best New Artist – Stefflon Don

Best Live Artist – Kasabian

Best Track – Charli XCX, ‘Boys’

Best International Band – Haim

Best Mixtape – Avelino, ‘No Bullshit’

Best Album – J Hus ‘Common Sense’

Best Collaboration – Craig David and Bastille, ‘I Know You’

Best Festival  – Glastonbury

Best Film – Baby Driver

Best Music Video – The Big Moon, ‘Sucker’

Under The Radar Award – Pale Waves

Best Festival Headliner – Muse

Best International Solo Artist – Lorde

NME Icon – Shirley Manson

NME Innovation Award – Boy Better Know

Godlike Genius – Liam Gallagher

Best Book – Wiley, Eskiboy

Best TV Show – Stranger Things 2

Best Reissue – Radiohead, ‘OK Not OK’

Best Small Festival – Festival Number 6

Music Moment of The Year – One Love Manchester

Best Music Film – Gaga: Five Foot Two

Hero of the year – Ariana Grande

Villain of the year – Piers Morgan

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Mark E Smith’s cause of death confirmed as terminal lung and kidney cancer

Mark E Smith's cause of death confirmed as terminal lung and kidney cancer
Mark E Smith died last month (Picture: Kevin Cummins/Getty Images)

Mark E Smith died from terminal lung and kidney cancer, it has been confirmed.

The Fall frontman died on 24 January at the age of 60, with his cause of death not being announced.

Now, in a statement from his sisters, it has been confirmed that Mark was battling lung and kidney cancer.

In a statement on The Fall’s official website following the music legend’s funeral, Barbara, Suzanne and Caroline wrote: ‘We would like to thank family, friends and fans for all their kind words, condolences and memories about our brother Mark.

Mark E Smith
Mark’s sisters thanked the NHS for treating their brother (Picture: Richard Martin-Roberts/Redferns)

‘Also, the N.H.S and staff who treated Mark throughout and Mark’s partner Pam who loved, cared and cherished our brother.

‘Mark fought a long and hard battle after his diagnosis of terminal lung and kidney cancer. He took every treatment going, which could be brutal at times and left Mark with some horrible side effects. Mark was such a strong man and hated letting his fans down and tried to carry on regardless against all advice.’

They continued: ‘Mark had a great life and loved and lived it to the full and always by his own rules and we, as his sisters were privileged to be part of it too.

‘Mark is at peace now and pain free, but we, his three sisters have been left heartbroken and will miss our big brother very much.’

Smith cancelled a string of The Fall gigs in 2017 after falling ill at Christmas 2016 with multiple ‘bizarre and rare’ health problems. His manager said that the issues were connected to his throat, mouth and respiratory system.

In an interview one month before his death, Mark said: ‘The doctors never know what’s up with me. As long as I’m OK I’m not bothered. I’m not a vain man.’

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All Eyes On: Billy Lockett’s music is guaranteed to touch your soul, and here’s why

Billy Lockett is probably that artist you didn’t realise you were looking for.

And even if you don’t read a word of this interview, just listen.

In a world dominated by highly produced music Billy is a bit of a wonder. His music is stripped back, instrumental, raw, emotive, and at the same time his sound is huge. He is a self-taught musician and with it an incredible pianist. He’s thrown out the rule book on genre and song structure in places, and his beautiful, mournful songs can be likened to powerful movie soundtracks.

His power comes from the fact he’s very cautious about over cooking his tracks, they should be organic and simple, he exclusively told ahead of his gig at Union Chapel on 15 February.

‘Sometimes you don’t need more than a piano,’ he said. ‘A good song is a good song. Most of mine haven’t needed drums, if I thought they needed drums I’d get drums. I think going forward I’m starting to add drum elements and that’s because I want to, not because I’ve been told to.’

So with sometimes just the backing of the piano, Billy’s music is hugely emotive and worms its way deep into your soul as he sings about things that have deeply effected his life, such as the tragic death of his father, artist John Luce Lockett at the age of just 62.

There’s something deeply stirring about his vocals too, and you feel every word he sings, largely due to the pure honesty he pours into the songs which often leaves his fans crying their eyes out.

‘I get a lot of criers at the show. They’re normally quite loud and in the front row, because I do write sad songs,’ he laughed. ‘I want to give people a feeling. My dad would always say you have to make them laugh and make them cry, so a lot of my songs are emotional.

‘So after a few being a bit dark I’m like ‘so, chickens!’ just to liven it up a bit. Pick them back up. I like that feeling, it’s an emotional roller coaster.’

All Eyes On: Billy Lockett's music is guaranteed to touch your soul, and here's why
Billy Lockett wants you to feel emotions with his music (Picture: C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images)

For him though being sincere in what he sings is incredibly important. His songs are sad because he was sad when he wrote them, and his happy music will come with time. And when it does, the sad music will cease to come.

‘People can read you, and I think the reason people like what I’m doing is because they believe me,’ the 25-year-old said. ‘And if I’m not honest they will know that second. You have to wear your heart on your sleeve and be real.’

‘I might change, I might write different songs,’ he added. ‘I might write a happy song. But I can only do that when I’m super happy and if I was writing depressing music when I’m super happy then that would be fake!’

Music became his therapy in dealing with the death of his dad, he said, and that he feels he’s lucky he has a job where he can express himself like that.

The realness of his music has got him noticed by a few celebs, three in particular being Lana Del Ray, Birdie and MIC’s Binky Felstead. And he really seemed to resonate with Lana’s fans.

‘I played some shows with Lana, we did Manchester Apollo. I did the show and when I came off stage and everyone had bought the EP online and it went to top 10 in 10 minutes,’ he revealed. ‘The thing with Lana and Birdie is that their fans are music lovers, They are really into actually buying the music and surrounding themselves in the whole thing. It’s a lot more credible and real, they’ll stay with me for years I hope. Lana fans really care about the music.’

All Eyes On: Billy Lockett's music is guaranteed to touch your soul, and here's why
Billy’s music will make you cry (Picture: C Brandon/Redferns via Getty Images)

He added that Binky Felstead is almost a bit of a groupie, following him around whenever he does shows.

‘She’s like my number one fan!’ he laughed. ‘I met [her boyfriend] JP at an event and he introduced the music to Binky about a year ago and she’s been to every London show. I was on Made In Chelsea in one of the shows! I was her surprise present, I played Burn It Down.’

He revealed she was even star struck when they first met.

The thing about Billy, who once worked as a Barbie salesman in Toys R Us, is that his love truly lies with the music and nowhere else. When asked what he wanted to achieve his answer wasn’t a top 10 single, or to go global. His answer was that he’s already achieved it – he’s doing what he loves and that’s what matters.

His audiences are diverse, with 70 year olds stood appreciating his music next to teenagers, which shows how his songs can touch people from all walks of life, and that in itself is a huge achievement.

‘I feel like I’ve achieved everything personally in the fact I love what I do and it means everything to me,’ he said.  ‘When I started with a show with 100 people I felt like I’d made it. Everything is else a bonus.’

There’s something so genuine about the guy that when talking to him you know he really means it. Especially as at the time of the interview he wasn’t even signed, and has since been snapped up by East West Records/Warner.

It’s easy to hear in his music he has been inspired by contemporary pianist Ludovico Einaudi. ‘His songs are like pop songs without vocal sometimes,’ he said. But there’s always been one huge influence on his music – his dad.

‘My dad surrounded me in music from day one,’ he said.

Billy is performing at Union Chapel on 15 February.

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MCs are flocking to show off their skills with Margs’ #Pengame2challenge

Margs’ latest single Pen Game 2 dropped last month, and the track has turned into hot property.

In fact, it went so wild that the East London grime star started a challenge on social media for fans to test their lyrical skills by laying their own lines over the instrumental for the track.

‘Let’s light up midweek with a #pengame2challenge nge ? the instrumental is on my soundcloud: ‘MargsMusic’ @ me and use the hashtag let’s go‼️’ he wrote beside a video clip on January 10.

Well the whole thing has gone wild, with tonnes of fans of grime showing off their skills online, answering the Hackney boy’s challenge.

The #Pengam2challenge has even seen a number of artists rapping over the same instrumental used by Margs, and delivering a plethora of different flows, lyrical abilities and overall sounds.

If you haven’t heard the original song then you can purchase it on iTunes, stream it on Spotify, or watch the official video.

Basically, things have got wild.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the various entries from artists, wannabes, and fans alike just search the hashtag #PenGame2Challenge or look on Margs’ instragram profile, where he’s been posting some of the best.

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