‘I’m a virgin and he’s a rock star’: Tallia Storm opens up about surprise ‘connection’ with Celebs Go Dating’s Muggy Mike

Is a shock romance on the cards?

Celebs Go Dating star Tallia Storm might be signed up to the agency but it seems that she’s already fallen for another celeb on the books – and it’s none other than Muggy Mike Thalassitis!

Yep, the 19-year-old admits she’s felt a ‘connection’ to Love Island’s Mike despite them being polar opposites, with Tallia revealing she’s a virgin who’s only kissed two boys whilst Mike is famed for his VERY flirty ways.


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‘I feel like everyone knows it. Everyone says it,’ the singer confesses of their bond. ‘We are two completely different people. I’m like an angel and he’s a sinner. They say opposites attract and it’s quite literally that.

‘I’m plain Jane, don’t drink and am quite literally the Virgin Mary. I’ve only ever kissed two guys in my life.

‘I’m a virgin and he’s this insane rock and roll star. He’s got the charm and he knows how to woo a woman.’

In fact it’s 25-year-old Mike’s ‘bad boy’ persona that seems to have attracted Tallia and she confesses that they flirted ‘from day one’ of filming the series.

However, the rules of the programme mean that they’re not supposed to date each other whilst on the agency’s books – though Tallia seems hopeful of something happening afterwards.

‘The problem is there’s so much waiting time so in the waiting time we’re always together,’ she tells The Sun Online. ‘Technically we’re not allowed to and we’ve always made a joke about the fact that we can’t go on a date.

‘[But] after the show? Probably.’

Tallia might have had her hopes dashed now though as it’s been revealed since she made these comments that Mike has been on some cosy dates with Megan McKenna.

Mike admitted when quizzed about the rumours on Good Morning Britain earlier this week: ‘We did go on a date Valentine’s Day… that was our first date.

‘No one wants to be alone on that day.’

However, he remained coy about the future of the blossoming romance. Ooh, intriguing!

Meanwhile Tallia has found herself in the difficult position of being confronted by her ex Seb Morris since he signed up to agency, and viewers recently watched the pair awkwardly discuss their relationship history.

So is an unexpected romance on the cards for Tallia and Mike? We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!

This Morning viewers urge Holly Willoughby to go HOME to rest as she battles illness

Fans are a bit worried about Holly…

Holly Willoughby is a firm favourite with This Morning viewers and they’ve proved just how much they care about her in a big way…

During Tuesday’s show fans noticed that Holly, 37, seemed a little bunged up and many were so concerned about her having a cold that that they urged the programme to send her HOME to rest.


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‘Poor @hollywills sounds so ill, @thismorning send her home to her bed,’ one watcher wrote on Twitter, whilst another said: ‘@thismorning please let @hollywills go Home, she sounds really poorly’

And one added: ‘Poor @hollywills sounds awful this morning. Hope she’s getting to go home to bed after this #ThisMorning’

Others were simply concerned, with one fan asking her on Instagram: ‘are you ok Holly? You don’t seem yourself this morning. Hope you’re ok’

Holly Willoughby

Meanwhile some praised her for bravely soldiering on despite her sniffle…

‘Poor @hollywills ? someone give her a blanket and a cup of lemsip. Still looking flawlessly incredible even with a cold , love that she doesn’t let it phase her !’ one admirer posted.

Holly kept on going though and having a bit of a cold didn’t stop her from looking as fabulous as ever.

She also managed to make an embarrassing gaffe on the show during a segment about caravans when she asked where the steering wheel was inside one vehicle – only to realise that the caravan had to be attached to a car to be transported.

Phillip Schofield was left in hysterics at the blunder and joked: ‘Is there a wheel? Can you see the wheel? Where’s the place to sit? I can’t turn it on!’

LOLs. It comes just days after Holly returned to the show following a break in the Alps over the half term holidays last week.

The mum-of-three shared a stunning selfie with fans on Sunday and reflected: ‘Good bye Alps… heading home for more Ice… of the dancing variety… ❄️ #topoftheworld x’

Unfortunately it looks like Holly might have brought the cold – well, A cold – back with her too!

‘Painful to watch’: Celebs Go Dating viewers divided as Tallia Storm and Seb Morris CLASH over their past

Well this got pretty awkward…

Things got pretty dramatic in the Celebs Go Dating agency on Monday night’s episode after Tallia Storm and Seb Morris CLASHED as they were forced to confront their relationship history.

Relations between the former lovebirds have been awkward ever since Seb joined the show without Tallia being aware of it, leading Nadia Essex and Eden Blackman to get them to chat to a counsellor about their issues in an attempt to move on.


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Tallia, 19, made it clear that she was NOT happy about doing this before it had even began and the discussion quickly turned tense, with the singer ranting at Seb for commenting on her family’s social media posts even though they’d broken up.

‘I feel like it’s a bad dream that won’t end,’ she explained. OUCH.

Meanwhile Seb, 22, confessed that they’d ‘argued like cats and dogs’ when they were together and admitted to saying hurtful things to Tallia – but said that she wasn’t always nice either.

‘I was obviously nasty to you but you were nasty to me too, let’s not forget that,’ the racing driver revealed. ‘Because I can’t have an argument with myself, can I?’

The awkwardness continued as Tallia blamed Seb for bringing her up when he joined the agency, but fortunately things seemed to be resolved a little when he apologised for hurting her.

Viewers were left seriously divided over the scene, with many finding it all WAY too awkward.

‘So awkwardly painful to watch ? I think you guys broke the relationship counsellor ???,’ one fan commented on social media, whilst another said: ‘Tallia Storm and Seb Morris make me cringe with their pure wee heartbreak story lol’

And one added: ‘What’s the sence of having @Tallia_Storm and Seb in the same room, the past is the past, they are trying to move on and I’m sure the real reason she keeps talking about his because how annoyed she was when he turned up at the same place at her for a date! Cringe #CelebsGoDating’

Meanwhile others found it all quite emotional, with one viewer writing: ‘Seeing how hurt both Tallia and Seb are literally kills me!’

Another said: ‘THIS IS BRINGING ME TO TEARS. The sad music is so emotional! @CelebsGoDating @Tallia_Storm #CelebsGoDating’

In fact some fans are hoping that Tallia and Seb will now get back together after the heart-to-heart.

Awww, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Dancing On Ice star Antony Cotton HITS BACK at James Jordan after online spat gets personal

Antony has denied ‘diva’ claims after James’ comments

Dancing On Ice star Antony Cotton has ended up in a VERY bitter online spat with James Jordan following his exit from the show.

It all kicked off when former Strictly Come Dancing pro James seemed to suggest that Antony, 42, comes across as a bit of a diva after he was eliminated from the competition on Sunday night.


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‘Watching @dancingonice and Anthony Cotton just got destroyed by the judges but justifiably,’ James, 39, tweeted. ‘Also, is it just me but he seems like he could be a right pain to work with. Doesn’t come across likeable at all. #DancingOnIce’

James soon received a response from Coleen Nolan’s son Shane, who wrote back: ‘I’ve heard he’s a t*t’

The dancer then replied: ‘I knew it…. I’m always right. Hope you are well mate, say hi to your mum from me’

He didn’t stop there and also hit out at Antony when responding to a comment from a fan about feeling ‘uncomfortable’ over the Coronation Street star ‘talking back’ to the judges.

‘Yep! He needs to ‘Turn up, Keep up and Shut up’,’ James wrote.

However Antony soon caught wind of this and hit back by encouraging James to speak to his Dancing On Ice partner Brandee Malto to find out the truth.

‘Currently doing two jobs at the moment, so please don’t be worrying about my career,’ the soap star tweeted in a message that has since been deleted.

‘As for wondering what I’m like to work with, maybe take the guess work out and ask @YayItsBrandee? I don’t think you’ll find the answer you’re looking for. Trolls rarely do.’

Brandee then got involved and tagged James in as she defended her skating partner.

‘Judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are @The_JamesJordan,’ she tweeted. ‘Antony is loving, caring and kind. He has a beautiful soul and I love that we are good friends now.

‘My journey on @dancingonice has been amazing because of him.’

And just to get the point across even further, Antony added: ‘Hope that answers your question James. And hey – best of all, I’m not you. Win, win x’

OUCH. James has been quiet on social media since so maybe this spat has been put to bed…

It comes after Antony and fellow DOI star Donna Air got the boot from the show on Sunday, leaving just five stars left to battle it out for the win.

Survival Of The Fittest star Dani Dyer addresses Love Island rumours – and reveals how dad Danny feels about it

Is Dani heading to the villa this summer?

Dani Dyer has broken her silence on rumours that she’s set to enter Love Island this summer following her early exit from Survival Of The Fittest.

The 21-year-old was forced to pull out of the new reality series just one day in after dislocating her shoulder, but has since been linked with a spot in the Love Island villa instead.


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However, Dani has quashed the speculation and also confessed that her actor dad Danny Dyer REALLY wouldn’t be keen on the idea either.

‘Literally I found out a day after about this. I haven’t planned on going on Love Island, I think it’s a bit too intense,’ the TV star explained during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Friday.

‘It’s one of them things really. I don’t think I’d be open to something like that.’

And when asked whether Danny, 40, would approve of her signing up to Love Island, Dani confessed: ‘No, he wouldn’t. I don’t think he could watch it, boys talking about me and stuff.

‘So I haven’t made any plans. It’s not a bad rumour though.’

Dani also spoke of how her famous dad is her ‘best mate’, so we think it’s unlikely that she’d want to upset him by going in the villa!

It comes after Danny revealed how proud he was of his girl after she was forced to quit Survival Of The Fittest when she landed badly from a waterslide, resulting in her injuring her shoulder.

‘Live and Let Live baby girl. Taken out by a bollocky slide. Don’t think my heart could have taken another 3 weeks of that caper. #proud,’ the EastEnders star captioned a selfie with Dani on Instagram.

Dani also posted a message following her early exit reading: ‘I am truly heartbroken that I have had to leave the lodge. I dislocated my shoulder and am currently in a sling so for health and safety I wasn’t able to do the challenges? such a Dani thing to do.’

Survival Of The Fittest

Ah well, let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of Dani on our screens!

Who is the voiceover bloke on Survival Of The Fittest? Everything you need to know about Brennan Reece…

He’s cheeky. He’s from Manchester. And he’s got GREAT hair.

Hands up who’s addicted to ITV2s Survival Of The Fittest already? Yup, us too.

Survival Of The Fittest

It’s got ripped lads, bikini babes, African sunshine and just the right amount of mugginess we need on these cold winter nights. But aside from the battle of the brawn, it’s the voice over bloke who’s caught our attention.

But, ‘who is he?’ we hear you ask… well, Manchester-based comic and actor Brennan Reece.

Where does Brennan come from? 

Brennan Reece, 31, was born on February 12, 1987 in Manchester.


What’s he been in?

As well as being a comedian, Brennan has starred in many TV shows including Skins, Don’t Stop Me Now, Life as I Know It, The Vessel and even once starred in Hollyoaks. But, no, before you Google it he didn’t try to kill Warren Fox or seduce Cindy Cunningham – he was just in one show as an ‘announcer’.

He’s also appeared on Sky1’s Don’t Stop Me Now and has acted in Marvellous, Doctors and Skins.

What are his comedy credentials?

He was nominated for Best Newcomer at the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and Best Show at Australia Fringe World 2016. Check out some of his stand up here…

He once was throttled on stage…

Yup, that’s right. Brennan was once throttled by a front-row heckler who made seemingly homophobic remarks.

The man apparently pulled him from the stage, shoved the comic on to his back and started choking him after reacting oddly to his banter at the Roaring Laughter club in Northwich, Cheshire.

Brennan kept cracking jokes until the man, who was in his late 60s, eventually released his grip and was calmed down by his friends. Jeeeeez….

He’s not afraid of Twitter trolls…


He likes dogs…

Where can I follow him (in a non-stalker way)?…

You can find Brennan tweeting here: @BrennanReece

And he’s LOLing up Insta here: @brennanreece

Love Island’s Jessica Shears HITS BACK after Piers Morgan joins backlash over her TV ‘wedding’ to Dom Lever

The couple’s GMB ceremony didn’t go down well…

Love Island star Jessica Shears has fired back at her critics after her TV ’wedding’ to Dom Lever was slammed by viewers.

The couple – who got engaged last September just three months after hooking up on the reality show – left Good Morning Britain fans cringing when they got hitched live on Wednesday’s show in nothing but skimpy swimwear, though later confirmed that the whole thing wasn’t actually official.


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It wasn’t just people watching at home who blasted the scenes either, as GMB’s own Piers Morgan – who is currently on a break from the show – hit out at Jess and Dom.

‘FFS. Can I cover the live divorce when I get back in 10 days?’ Piers tweeted about the ceremony.

Jess, 23, had clearly had enough though and replied to the presenter: ‘Might be difficult as we aren’t actually married yet …’

She also posted a defiant message for the rest of her critics and pointed out that it was all meant to be light-hearted.

‘So many people getting their knickers in a twist this morning about mine and @_DomLever Valentines Wedding on @GMB,’ the model wrote on Twitter. ‘We had such a laugh and can’t wait for the REAL wedding now in October #learntotakeajokekids’

Dom, 26, has showed his support for his fiancée too, having added: ‘What a morning #haterswillhate’

The couple seemed willing to laugh at themselves after the fallout, with Dom posting a clip on Instagram Stories later on of them hitting Tesco for their ‘honeymoon’ food.

Some fans have backed Jess and Dom following the drama and agreed that many viewers should have taken it in better humour.

‘Why is everyone going wild about @Jessica_Rose_UK and @_DomLever ? It was CLEARLY a joke lighten up people!’ one Twitter user wrote, whilst another said: ‘Ffs!! Some people need to get a sense of humour I thought it was funny people need to laugh more’

However, many have continued to criticise the couple for the stunt, with one tweet reading: ‘Jokes have gotta be funny… this wasn’t funny’

And one said: ‘People might of seen it as a joke if it were 2 “reality stars” people actually liked. The whole thing was such ANOTHER beg for attention it was so embarrassing…’

Yikes. Jess and Dom are now busy planning their real wedding for October, so let’s hope that proves a little less controversial…