Wish You Were Here! The Best Celeb Honeymoon Spots

Costa Rica Landscape

For many engaged couples, one of the most exciting things about planning a honeymoon is the chance to choose-your-own-adventure. For celebrity couples, some important parts of honeymoon planning include things like security, privacy, and of course, luxury. On the subject of luxury, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel opted for exotic Tanzania and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spent their honeymoon in majestic Cork, Ireland. The options are truly endless, limited only by your imagination and your pocketbook!

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But what makes someplace the “best” honeymoon destination? Well, that all depends on the couple. After all, some people are into jumping off mountains and sleeping in tents, and other people only do those things in their nightmares! Are you a beach person or do you burn when just visualizing the sun? Do you think of the mountains as a place to visit or just a great place for get water? Finding the best honeymoon or vacation destination all about customization! Pro tip: Always think about what you like. And if what you like most is to live like your idols, you can always trust them to guide you in the right direction…literally.

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A magical castle getaway… a boat ride to a private island! An exotic safari adventure! For most, these sound like dreams. But for the stars, these things are honeymoon realities. Although it’s hard to replicate a lot of the finer things like fancy 18-tier cakes, designer dresses and gold-plated bouquets, smart and savvy travelers can find a way to make any location work. You may not end up staying at the same exact place, but here are the best spots to visit to vacation just like Hollywood’s favorite honeymooners. Zero budget? Take a trip around the world with a slideshow of your favorite celebs. No sunburns and no one to tip? Sold!